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If you want to advertise on FaceBook but are concerned it is too risky or​​ too​​ difficult, then THIS is for YOU …


Discover How To Become A​​ FaceBook Advertising WIZARD

Faster Than You Ever Believed Possible!


Read on to see how easy mastering FaceBook ads​​ is​​ -​​ when you have an experienced guide​​ to show you how​​ STARTING TODAY …







From the laptop​​ of
Stephen McAuliffe  ​​​​ 



Hi Fellow Entrepreneur …​​ one of the world’s most successful internet marketers is multi-millionaire, Frank​​ Kern.


And when he talks, savvy people listen.


So when he says …


“The Most Dependable And Consistent Way

To Generate Wealth​​ Is To​​ 

Turn​​ Advertising Into Profit”


You do well to heed his words.​​ 


And when he says​​ “advertising”​​ he means advertising on FaceBook, of which he is one of most visible users​​ and has been for many years.


But there’s a problem


And it’s a pretty big one.


Because, FaceBook​​ Advertising,​​ with its unmatched ability to home in with laser-like precision on the perfect target for any​​ advertisement,​​ has made it the world’s favorite advertising medium.​​ 


Which means you’re​​ competing against the​​ biggest,​​ most street-wise advertisers in the world (including Frank Kern) with ad budgets running into millions​​ while​​ trying​​ to get your precious ad displayed and attract​​ leads without busting your budget.


So …


If you’re a rookie advertiser
​​ FaceBook ads can be​​ a​​ MINEFIELD


But, fear not – help is on the way.


Hi … my name is Stephen McAuliffe and I do exactly what Frank Kern recommends –​​ generate wealth by turning advertising into profit.​​ 


In fact, I’m so good at doing that, I not only​​ successfully​​ advertise my own businesses​​ on FaceBook I also help​​ other small businesses do the same.


But it wasn’t always like this.


Not so long ago, I was where you probably are now: knowing I​​ really should​​ be​​ advertising​​ on FaceBook, but not having a clue how to go about it and therefore worried that​​ paid advertising would clear out my bank account faster than a hacker leaving me with virtually nothing in return!


As I’m sure you realize too,​​ free traffic wasn’t free at all and​​ is, in fact, paid for with the most precious currency of all –​​ your time.  ​​​​ 


Add to that, free traffic is painfully slow, whereas​​ I​​ knew FaceBook ads – done properly – would start to give results in as little as 48 hours.​​ 


So​​ I would have to bite the bullet. But​​ – rather than risk any advertising dollars until I knew​​ exactly​​ what I was doing​​ -​​ I decide to become …


A FaceBook Advertising Expert


So I scoured everything that FaceBook put​​ out​​ about successfully using their​​ ads and then I bought every manual and course I could find​​ about advertising​​ on​​ FaceBook – the good, the bad and the ugly.


And boy, were there some ugly ones out there!


Even then,​​ it wasn’t all plain sailing and I endured some really dark days.


And it was during​​ one the darkest​​ of these dark hours, I swore that – if I should ever manage to make some serious money on line – then I would reach out and give a helping hand to other good folks, like you, who are also worried they’d lose their shirt​​ with​​ FaceBook advertising​​ yet getting​​ very little to show in return.


It’s often said that​​ it’s always darkest before the dawn and, sure enough, a few days after my deepest depression, came the breakthrough I had so desperately been seeking.


After that ‘Damascus moment’ the whole puzzle just fell into place and​​ I​​ just knew​​ with complete certainty that I could now​​ safely​​ start​​ advertising​​ without any fear​​ of​​ my​​ shoestring​​ budget​​ being​​ wiped out​​ without giving me a​​ profit.


And sure enough, every week my tiny advertising budget went from strength to strength​​ as I reinvested​​ the profits​​ from my ‘profitable advertising’,​​ ​​ allowing me bring in more and more traffic.


Then other​​ marketers began to notice my ads popping up​​ and asked if​​ I could help them.​​ 


So I did, opening up another income stream as a FaceBook ad consultant.


Nor have I forgotten that solemn vow, made​​ at​​ my lowest point, to lend a helping to good folks, like you.​​ 


So I’ve now created a​​ brand new, easy to follow program that explains in simple baby steps exactly how to set up your FaceBook account and​​ make every ad a virtual​​ ATM.




Here’s just a tiny peek at the

powerful secrets awaiting you inside

  • Why FaceBook Ads?


  • The Seven SUPER benefits of FaceBook Advertising.


  • The little know trick that gets your ads shown more frequently​​ (it’s child’s play –​​ once you know the secret!​​ )​​ 


  • How to get 378% better conversions that regular advertising​​ – and it’s a piece of cake to do it with FaceBook ads.​​ 


  • FaceBook Ads Manager​​ –​​ check out the amazing ways to get even more tightly targeted visitors.​​ ​​ 


  • How you can both include and exclude particular demographics​​ to make your targeting pin-point​​ accurate.​​ 


  • Expert-level Facebook ad strategies​​ (they’re dead simple to use, yet highly effective in bringing home the bacon!).


  • The sheer magic of ‘custom audiences’. This is where the rubber really hits the road.​​ 


  • Advanced FaceBook ad strategies​​ and how to use them to the max.


  • How to send more traffic to your website using FaceBook ads.


  • Fine tuning your ads for even better conversions​​ (and it all starts with the​​ FaceBook Ads Manager).


  • Setting up your ‘retargeting’ powerhouse. So highly effective, yet so simple to do!​​ 


  • Your four-step strategy to maximize the value of every visitor.​​ 


  • The ten ‘Dos’ and the​​ nine​​ ‘Don’ts​​ to send your ROI off the chart.​​ 


  • Make your life easier (and your FB ads more effective)​​ with these ten tools.​​ 


  • Ten shocking case studies. Find out how other folks are using FaceBook​​ advertising to hit the big time.​​ 


And, much, MUCH more …


Who is this program for?


In short,​​ anyone and everyone.


If you are a rookie marketer and you sensibly want to get your marketing career off to a fine start by ensuring you have the lifeblood of your business – highly targeted traffic – completely under your command, then this program is perfect for you.


If​​ you are a​​ more experienced player – who​​ now​​ wants to​​ really​​ master​​ FaceBook advertising, sky-rocketing​​ you​​ sales, profits and happiness,​​ while​​ keeping a tight grip on​​ your​​ advertising budget, then this program is perfect for you.


If​​ you have an​​ offline business​​ but want to bring prospective customers to your website so you can pre-sell them, then this program is perfect for you.


If you​​ like the​​ idea of being​​ respected​​ FaceBook ads consultant,​​ helping other businesses​​ – both on and off line -​​ enjoy​​ highly effective​​ FaceBook advertising, then this program is for you, then this program is perfect for you.


How is this program delivered?


The red hot core of the program is the 86 page very detailed – but easy to understand,​​ step-by-baby-step,​​ instantly downloadable​​ manual, containing everything you need to know about being a FaceBook Advertising Wizard​​ as fast as humanly possible.​​ 


In addition to the manual,​​ you’ll also enjoy​​ a​​ variety​​ of ‘over my shoulder’​​ training​​ videos. So – whether you like written instructions or prefer to watch it being done, or both - then this program is perfect for you.


By now, you’re probably thinking


You can clearly see how​​ quickly become a FaceBook advertising Wizard will truly be life-changing for you, giving you the assurance of a constant flood of laser-targeted visitors on demand.​​ 


But you’re​​ naturally​​ concerned that such a powerful set of potentially life-changing secrets will​​ demand​​ an investment the size of a king’s ransom.


You’re right.


Such a powerhouse of a program SHOULD certainly cost a​​ lot.​​ But, before​​ I reveal​​ the​​ exceptional​​ deal I have for you today, I want to make​​ this​​ 

quite​​ clear …


I take all the risk


You see, I know how powerful these secrets are – after all, I’m living proof they work, because they have been providing me and my family with a very comfortable lifestyle for quite some time, now. ​​ 


But you only have my word that this​​ really does​​ work like gangbusters.​​ 


No need to just take my word for it.


Because​​ I’m going to allow you to take the whole program away and test-

drive it for a full 30 days,​​ because NOTHING beats you being able to

prove to yourself​​ it actually works for YOU.​​ 


I figure that​​ 30 days will allow you to​​ get​​ set up​​ with your FaceBook advertising account and start to see the highly targeted traffic start to​​ flood in.​​ 


Then watch with delight as the​​ flood​​ becomes a raging torrent!


And jump for joy when you realize that, because​​ the traffic is laser-targeted,​​ it is converting into sales and profits​​ like gangbusters!


Then​​ - despite​​ all​​ that​​ ​​ if,​​ for any reason,​​ you feel this program isn’t all I say – and much more besides - then all you have to do is simply shoot me a short email.


After all,​​ it’s 100% digital, so​​ you don’t have to pack it all up and take it down to​​ the post office and mail it back.​​ 

Then, once I get your email, I’ll cheerfully return every penny of your investment, without quibble or awkward questions and we’ll remain friends.​​ 


Ah, yes – your investment.


I have spoken to a few colleagues in the business,​​ who know about these things,​​ and they​​ tell me I’d be a fool to offer it for less than​​ $97.​​ 


But I remember​​ those dark days when I was trying to master this internet ‘thing’, where your budget is​​ mostly​​ already​​ ring-fenced for everyday living, with very little left over for investing in your business.​​ 

So I’ve set the price at $49.95.​​ 


But, I’m only just releasing this new product, so​​ you’re in the right place at the right time to enjoy a very welcome pre-publication discount. ​​ 


So, provided you’re ready to go ahead right now, here’s the deal.


Because I’m only just releasing this product, I don’t yet have the positive feedback I’m​​ sure​​ of getting, once you and other good folks start to use my methods and realize just how easy they are to set up and how utterly life-changing the results are. ​​ 


So, if you agree to send me your comments (good or bad) after test driving the program, with your permission to use them in my advertising, then I’ll slash your investment by a full 30 DOLLARS –​​ making it just $19.95​​ for you, today.​​ 


Fair enough?


But, if you’re too busy enjoying your new-found wealth to send me any feedback, you won’t​​ be targeted by​​ a drive by shooting! ​​ 


Because​​ I’m determined to make this program a complete no-brainer for you to operate​​ and​​ – as you’re getting on board today – I’m also including these​​ two​​ Fast Action Bonuses …


Fast Action Bonus #1​​ ‘FaceBook Advertising Cheat Sheet’:​​ Value $17 – but FREE for you​​ because​​ you’re getting on board today​​ 



This printable cheat sheet will make it a slam dunk to follow the process of getting your​​ FaceBook ad campaign off the launch pad.

It breaks the whole process down into easy to follow baby steps. So you simply work your way through, checking off the steps one at a time as you complete them – as easy as 1,2,3!

Fast Action Bonus #2​​ FaceBook​​ Advertising Mind Map: Value $7 – but FREE for you​​ because​​ you’re getting on board today 


 It’s been​​ scientifically​​ proved that our brains respond better​​ to​​ pictures​​ than to​​ words. So this mind map gives you the best of both worlds and allows you to see the whole picture at a glance, while working seamlessly with the cheat sheet.

I only have one question …


What will you do with your new-found wealth?


Have you​​ yet to​​ experience​​ the sheer BLASTING POWER of money?

Imagine striding into the​​ most upscale car showroom in town, walking up to the most expensive vehicle on the floor and​​ slipping into​​ that luxurious leather driver’s seat.


Then, as you grasp that chunky steering wheel and gaze out over​​ that enormous hood, the sales manage rushes up …


But – before he can open his mouth – you render him speechless by staying you’ll drive it away and you’ll be paying CASH.​​ 


Or picture the look on your horse-mad daughter, when you hand her the reins of her very own pony.


Or perhaps you’ll be super-disciplined and​​ build up​​ your​​ wealth towards​​ that wonderful day, when you give your boss the pink slip.


Just think of the palpable sense of relief as you drive home on your very last commute with a wonderful new-found sense of FREEDOM …


No more hard to please boss … no more office politics … no more insistent alarm forcing you to drag yourself out of bed far too early.​​ 


There’s no big decision required today:​​ all you have to decide now is to take the no-brainer choice of the 30 day (risk-free) test drive. That way you’ll be able to decide if my program is perfect for you before you finally decide to keep it.​​ 


With such a golden opportunity as this​​ within your grasp​​ I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say …​​ 


This is one of your Crossroad Days


Most days are routine. Then, once in a while, there​​ comes a day with the​​ 

power to transform your life beyond all recognition.​​ 


Crossroad days are the sort of life-determining days such as when you​​ decide​​ 

what college to attend or what career to follow and who to spend your life​​ 



And then there is THIS day - when you have the golden opportunity​​ 

to finally​​ start to live life as it should be lived – free of worry about​​ 

those never ending bills and with enough left over to really enjoy​​ 

life and even reinvest and build up your profits so you can finally​​ 

step off your hated 9-5 job treadmill. . ​​ 


So what will you choose to do?​​ 

Carry on as before, knowing you really should be using FaceBook advertising

like all those other savvy folk, but holding back for fear of losing money and​​ 

trying to figure it all out on your own and wondering, deep down, ​​ if you’ll​​ 

ever really manage to make any serious money if you carry on your present

path​​ of​​ struggling to get all the traffic you need to make your dreams of time​​ 

and financial freedom a reality. ​​​​ 



OR …

Will you be smart and realize that, for a​​ 
current​​ tiny investment of less than twenty bucks, you will have the Keys To The Kingdom of FaceBook Advertising Wizardy,​​ empowering​​ you to​​ generate all the traffic you need – on demand – and so​​ escape to​​ that​​ better, brighter life of financial and time freedom very few folks have the courage reach for.​​ 


And to make your journey even smoother I have a very special SUPER BONUS for you …

​​ Fast Action SUPER Bonus:​​ FaceBook​​ Advertising​​ Top Resources Field Manual: Value $27 – but FREE for you​​ because​​ you’re getting on board​​ before the timer​​ hits zero 



This valuable field manual gives you access​​ to a​​ priceless​​ niche​​ research report revealing:​​ FaceBook ads,​​ ​​ Videos, Tools, Training courses, Forums, Affiliate programs, Demographics, Webinars, Infographics, Facts, and Case studies.


This will make building​​ your huge​​ customer base of ultra-responsive BUYERS a complete no-brainer.​​ 


Simply apply these strategies and watch your profits go off the chart.​​ 


WARNING:​​ This specially created field manual is only available until the timer​​ below hits zero.




Sounds like your choice is a complete no-brainer, so I’m really looking forward to welcoming you aboard!



Stephen​​ <​​ <Tests​​ show your signature here in blue increases conversions.

Stephen McAuliffe

FaceBook Advertising​​ Consultant


P.S.​​ There is no big decision required today, because you can take full advantage of​​ my​​ free trial.​​ 


So the only way you can possibly lose on this is if you don’t take full advantage of this valuable - no strings attached - test drive.


P.P.S.​​ In her book,​​ ‘Five Regrets Of The Dying’, Australian palliative care nurse, Bonnie Ware, reports​​ that one of the top regrets of the terminally ill patients she nursed were the opportunities they failed to act upon.​​ 


Which meant they always wondered:​​ “What if, I’d had to courage to go​​ ahead.​​ ​​ 

How different​​ would my life have turned out?”​​ 


But, if you go ahead right now and check this out (totally without any risk),​​ 

then you’ll​​ never have to wonder​​ …​​ ”What if​​ I had invested a measly twenty​​ 

bucks in Stephen’s FaceBook program how different would my life have​​ 

turned out?”


[Yes,​​ Stephen,​​ I want to​​ become a FaceBook Advertising Wizard​​ 





















As you can clearly see, there’s no big decision required today, because all you have to decide now is to take the no-brainer choice of the 30 day (risk-free) test drive. That way you’ll be able to decide if my program is perfect for you before you finally decide to keep it.​​